Company Ethics

Our Aims

Our company aims to produce as little waste as possible, in order to achieve this we try to reuse where possible our plastic, wooden and cardboard boxes which will be used to deliver your produce in. We also reuse any plastic punnets, containers and packaging materials.

Where we are not able to reuse, we recycle plastics, wood, paper and cardboard and compost any waste fruits and vegetables.

We avoid the use of plastic packaging, by only using paper bags. The exceptions being where items are already packed in plastic when we receive them from our suppliers and for fresh herbs, as the plastic will helps them stay fresher. If however you prefer we are happy to deliver your herbs in paper.

In addition any surplus items we have in stock are deliver each week to Neruka’s Soup Kitchen, charity number 1164484, who provide food to the homeless of Leeds.

For all markets and events we attend, we will be applying a 10p charge for carriers which will be donated to the charity Uganda Lodge Community Projects, charity number 1150023, which supports a school & medical centre in rural south west Uganda

What you can do to help?

  • Return any useable boxes and packaging
  • Recycle any boxes and packaging you can’t return
  • Let us know if you would prefer your herbs to be delivered in paper
  • If you would like to donate any food and drink, we will take it on your behalf to Neruka’s Soup Kitchen



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